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Website Design

WowServer is a professional website designing company based in India. We are having our client from various industries and served variety of web related projects at very cost effective prices. Our highly experienced team of professionals have their expertise in the field of web designing and related services.

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  • WowServer is highly dedicated towards satisfaction of clients, we make there successful presence on internet by providing our expert advice for website designing related services.

    Increasing trend of internet has made it possible to interact with every corner of the world. Web design requires visual appeal, user friendliness and good content in order to attract visitors. Amazing web page design will give lasting impression on the visitors and make them returning visitors. Ecommerce website gives additional revenue generation to the company. Growing technology has led to innovations & development to our website designing company.

    Steps followed for website designing


    Analysing client requirements and business as much as possible.


    Defining the audience, goals and scope of website clearly.

    Information Designing

    Completing the process to communicate the information to end user. How to present the information to end user to make then repeated users.

    Graphic Designing

    Designing and presenting available details in such a designer manner which will create lasting impression to the visitors. This is important and final stage in completion of website designing.

    There are two types of website normally

    Static Website Designing:

    If you just want to have a website with details about your company and products / services then this is simple and good option. In static website also you have two options one is template based website and other is completely customized designed website. Template based website is ready to use design in which logo, content, links and images are changed, but the layout of website is not changed. Such website are fast to deliver and economical in cost. Second is completely customized website, in this our web designers work on your website right from the sctrach and do completely unique design. Such website cost is higher than template based and takes longer time to complete, but such websites look are totally as per clients requirement.

    Dynamic Website Designing & Development:

    If you have more products / services to be displayed on website or you want to manage the web pages by your own, then you are actually looking for a dynamic website. When we say a dynamic website then it has a customized design and a CMS program to manage the web pages. Such website are also known as CMS websites, in which admin can manage the whole website from admin panel as well can create more new pages or delete old one.

    find our more on our website designing services call us at +91 7999755325 or email us at sales@greatserver.in We will be glad to hear you.